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The journalist from Jerusalem

Question : Dear responsible for the  organization of the Olympic Games in Israel , do you think Israel has a chance to provide security for the Olympic Games, with all the enemies that Israel has ?

Answer:No problems ! We have sent an invitation to the whole world. We have 215 nations who announced that they are going to boycott the Games if they take place in Israel ! This is a big financial advantage..

Q: I don’t understand .

R: Of course. Look at the Olympic Games in London for 2012. It will cost $ 9.3 billions. The City of London is going to be bankrupt!

For the Olympic Games in Israel we will have only 3 countries : Micronesia . USA and Israel . They are the only countries that vote for us at the United Nations ! The Israelis can sleep in their own house, the Americans can sleep in 3 Hotels, and Micronesia had only 5 athletes. They can sleep in my cousin Avi’s house.

Q: And the installations, the stadium ?

R: Look at the l’amphithéatre  in Caesarea . It exists since the time of the Romans. Why should we build a new one ? We can have the swimming competition in the sea. In Israel we don’t lack places for shooting, and my cousin Avi promised to me the ping pong table and the volley ball net.

Q: Your uncle Avi is responsible for everything……

R: Avi is my cousin, not my uncle. And thanks G.od, he has lots of success with the diamonds. He has four bathrooms !!!

Q: What is your budget ?

R: 137.624 shekels and 86 agourot.

You can guess that Micronesia is very excited to get all the bronze medals, because they never won medals at the Olympic Games. Israel will get all the silver, and the USA will have an historic record of gold medals. Except for basket ball..

Q: Basket ball ?

R: Yes, with all these American Black players who convert to Judaism to play in the Israeli National Team, we have a chance to beat the USA !

Q: Why do you organize the Games in Israel in Spring 2016 ?

R: Because there will be snow on the Hermon to organize the OlympicGames for the winter ! My cousin Avi has a big chalet in the HermonThere will be room for everybody !



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