dorbch2David Orbach   got a gold medal from the Belgian Government in Classical Guitar in 1990, but only the last piece of Messianic Age, called ” David’s Harp ” ,is a classical-flamenco piece and it is very Spanish like a very good Spanish wine . David Orbach is not only a very good guitarist like David Broza, with a very original guitar playing, but he has also a good message in every song.”
Axel DeBacker
Le Soir , Belgium
1961 – David Orbach was born in 5722 according to the Hebrew calendar, the
third of October ’61 according to the Gregorian Calendar. The first time his parents met was in a Japanese concentration camp next to Shanghai ( China ). One of his grandfathers and two uncles died because of the Japanese. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki , David’s father decided to become an officer. They have to run away from the Communists in China who stole many assets of the family Orbach. In 1960 , David’s father, A.Callant Orbach, got married with the little girl he met in the concentration camp after he received a diploma of military engineer from the Royal Military Academy of Brussels, Belgium . David Orbach’s father will finish his career as a colonel, a Professor of Aerodynamics and Fluids Dynamics and Secretary General of the Royal Military Academy .
David is sent to the USA , with both his parents, to the military base of Fort Bliss next to El Paso , Texas where David’s father was responsible for maintenance of Hawks missiles, missiles against the Russians or communist planes, at that time.
In Dallas , Texas , John F. Kennedy patted the head of David Orbach , but it did not bring luck to JFK. He was assassinated by the CIA. See the book of David Orbach :” The operations of the CIA”.

1964 David’s father is sent to the military base of Decenzano del Garda , in Italy . Hawks misiles. David is 3 years old and learns Italian at the kindergarten, but he can’t figure out why the children have to kiss the statue of the Madonna.


David’s father refuse to live in an German military base. David is back in Belgium in the military base of Lombartseid, next to Oostende . David has to learn Dutch.


The pediatrist of David advise his parents to stop to move all the time, which is not good for the mental healh. They move to Brussels where David’s father works as an Assistant at the Royal Military Academy . Euphoria of the 6 days war, Israeli flags are popular, and Israeli Folk Dances for the little David who is 6, in first grade.David begins to learn solfege and flute. He was the first of his class in the 6 classes of Primary school.

David goes to a High School, where he learns Greek, Latin, English, Dutch and French literature. He buys his first guitar at the age of 14. He learns classical guitar from Nicolas Alfonso and taught himself the method of the French guitarist Marcel Dadi and Chet Atkins from Nashville .
The first concert of David is at the age of 15. The same year David is elected to be the president of the student council (1200 students ). He is popular and reelected the next year. At 17 he writes his first songs for the theatre of the High School for the play State of siege, by Albert Camus. David writes his thesis about “ The influence of Antonin Athaud on the theater of Samuel Becket “ and the so called cultural revolution in China .

After travelling to Poland and East Germany he writes his first hit, a song in French called “ Treblinka” It is successful because of the events in Poland , the rise of the movement “Solidarity” and the revolt against communism. David continues to play music and study at the University: Law, Social Science, Economics and Emmanuel Levinas’s Philosophy
In Cairo , Egypt , David is arrested by the Security Services and accused to be a spy of the Mossad. David took pictures of Iranian agents going out of the Swiss Embassy who was representing the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran. David’s Friend, Dr. Ali Muhamand Zaky, teaches him to be a good Muslim. David succeded to get out of the Egyptian jail under the name of Ali Muhamad Daoud.

At the age of 22, David is almost killed ( Peace for Galilee ). He must undergo resuscitation and 3 surgical operations in Israel and in Belgium . He learns Torah with Rabbi Haikin in Brussels who told him to leave the profession of lawyer, because there are too many lawyers in Israel . David decided to become a registred nurse specialised in Musicotherapy. He begins to learn guitar with the composer and professor Norbert Leclercq from the Royal Conservatory of Brussel,Belgium, and learned musicotherapy ( Dalcroze ) During the night, David is a taxi driver. In 1988 , he published “ Guide of musicotherapy”, and his first disc “ Orbach plays Bach, Villa Lobos and Dadi”

David wins a national contest and gets the medal of the Belgian government in classical guitar. Program : J.S. Bach, Villa Lobos, Brouwer, Duarte . Travels to Prague in Czechoslovakia and plays guitar in the street during the Velvet Revolution But he had to be hospitalized 5 days for fracture of the jaw during the Velvet Revolution.His second disc is called “ Velvet Revolution “.

1991 At the Hebrew University in Jerusalem he meets for the first time Rachael from Los Angeles , during the First Gulf War. Because of the scuds of Saddam Hussein, Rachael leaves David who wrote :”PSALMS against missiles”.
David studies Torah in Yeshiva Machon Meir and Mercaz Harav.
David works in the psychiatric hospital Kfar Shaul ( called Deir Yassin before 1948 )and plays music in Old Age Homes. He meets and plays with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and begins to compose in Hebrew. Marriage of Rachael and David Orbach with Rabbi Dov Bigon. Rabbi Carlebach will come for 7 Brachot.

David works in Open Heart Surgery in Hadassah Ein Kerem. His first son, Zeev Shlomo was born and circoncised by David in Av 1994 . First concerts with his band in the Folk Club of the Association of the Americans and Canadians in Israel .

Concerts for Jewish Community Centres in Washinghton D.C. and Las Vegas ( U.S.A. ). Second son Yakov Eliezer Orbach is born in 5757.
David leaves Hadassa Ein Kerem for the Public Health Department of the Jerusalem Municipality and gives immunisation to 5.000 religious children each year ( Talmudei Torah Chabad, Gur, Viznits, Slonim, Rozin, Bobov, Sadigora,…)
David’s friend Minister of Health Shlomo Benizri asks David to leave the Jerusalem Municipality for the Ministry of Health. He is responsible of Public Health for all the religious schools in Jerusalem . He gave concerts in Israel, Belgium , France and Switzerland ( mainly Hassidic weddings and Jewish Community Centres ). Birth of his daughter Batsheva Geula Orbach in 5759(1999). Begins to work for the Likud with his friend Ytsik Kaufman
Recording sessions of the C.D. Messianic Age in Jerusalem , from Tu Bishvat 5760 until Shavuot 5761 The C.D. is released the same day as the Brit Mila of his third son, Chaim Yehuda Orbach , born in 5761. The mohel was David Orbach and the sandak Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yossef. David plays with Aaron Razel and Chaim Dovid Saracik.
The song Batsheva that ends with the words “First we take Berlin , then we take Baghdad and Babylon ” becomes a hit on the religious Israeli Radios, concerts with Gabriel Hasson former guitarist of Aviv Geffen mainly in Jerusalem , Israel

2003 in March, (Purim 5763) David’s prophecies come true “First we take Berlin and then we take Bagdhad and Babylon” Following the succesful sales of Messianic Age, in Jerusalem, Australia, Europe and America a music producer from Belgium invests in more recording sessions for a new Album of David and Gabriel. Concerts in Yeshiva Ateret Cohanim, Talmud Tora Chabad, Talmud Tora Gur, Noam, …PM Ariel sharon ‘s legal advisor sent a letter to David Orbach about the protest song ” Song to Ariel Sharon “. Ariel Sharon is angry at David. David said to the radio that he is very honored since the president of U.S. never sent a letter to Bob Dylan about his Protest Songs.

Beginning of recording session for David and Gavriel’s new album Concerts in Israel , Belgium and France .

During the destruction of the Jewish Communities of Gaza, David is sent as a Military Nurse and writes a new song ” Bye bye Gaza “. David begins to write every month in a French Newspaper located in Natanya ” L’Impact ‘ about the conspiracy of the Israeli left and the Americans against the People of Israel. His articles about the left in Israel , Europe and America are published under the Name “The Leftists”.

During the second war of Lebanon , David Orbach is invited to play in the shelters of Haifa ( Katyusha from the Hisbola ) He plays also in Sderot.

David and Rachael Orbach become the Producers of the Jerusalem Folk Evenings with the participation of the first producer of the Jerusalem Folk Club, Bruce Brill (Banjo and violin) David and Rachael organize the Jerusalem Folk Club Concerts every month.

During elections inside the Likud, David Orbach is elected to be the Rabbi of the Likud. His first mission given by Bibi Netanyahu is to meet the Druzes and the Muslims of Kadima Areil Sharon’s party. The Arabs of Kadima must vote for the loser Shaul Mofaz and not Livni too dangerous for the Likud. this operation called David vs Shaul , David Orbach vs Shaul Mofaz will cause the Ariel Sharon’s party Kadima to implose from within. Shal victory will cause Livni to quit Kadima for the labour party, and Shaul Mofaz will get only 2 MK instead of 29 MK Ehud Olmert will be condamned for corruption.

David Orbach and his band are invited on Israel Television They sing ” We are the people of Israel we just live to survive.
Our enemies say we are on their land

But all the empires that enslaved us are gone
Egypt and Rome even the great Babylon
David Orbach and his lawyer Ariel Leshem succeed to have a new law in the Knesset to privatize Mental Health in Israel so that leftist social workers cannot kidnap religious kids and throw them in anti religious institutions.
Concerts Belgium and France
Concert with Aaron Razel. New disc with Lazer Lloyd king of Blues.
End of the disc ” David your Messiah ” Concerts in Tel Aviv, Israeli Radio. Jerusalem.
After a decision of a court of Justice, David won 5,000 Euros
Concert with the International Festival of Guitar. Tribute to Georges Moustaki, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan.
David Orbach with a disc of classical guitar
New disc with ” Orbach plays Bach, Vivaldi, Villa Lobos, Piazolla.

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